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Photo of Adam Rok

Adam Rook,

Based in Dallas, TX, USA


Wow! That's a giant picture of me.

When I was young I remember riding in the back seat of my parent's car, through downtown Dallas, and straining to see all the way to the top of the giant skyscrapers. The way the perspective changed as we drove past mesmerized me and I was fascinated that someone could craft something that grand out of concrete and metal, glass and marble and granite. I recall wondering how something so large could support that much weight and not fall over.

Other memories I have are riding around with my mom and my great aunt, through the wealthy neighborhoods of Highland Park and Preston Hollow, in Dallas, and looking at all the the mansions. It was during those formative years that I became fascinated with architecture and the unique expanse of designs and how different each house could look.

Fast forward may years and I developed a passion for filming and naturally aspired to combine these two loves and just see where it would take me. House Films was born and I truly can't believe, most days, that I get paid to do this. I'm one of the fortunate ones to have found my "thing". That thing that drives me, keeps me up at night (in a good way), challenges me and fulfills me.

My favorite piece of advice to anyone would be to find your "thing", your passion and pursue it relentlessly. You will never regret it.

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